School Opening Day

Let me share a few glimpses of our school’s opening day after the summer vacation. It was an exciting and energetic start to the new academic year, filled with anticipation and enthusiasm.

The moment they reach our campus came alive with the sound of laughter, chatter, and reunions. Students, dressed in their fresh school uniforms, arrived with beaming smiles, eager to reconnect with friends, meet their new teachers, and embark on another year of learning and growth.
The day began with a warm welcome from our dedicated staff members who lined the entrance, offering cheerful greetings and guiding students to their designated classrooms. In the classrooms, teachers created a nurturing and engaging atmosphere, setting the stage for an enriching educational journey.

The school echoed with the sounds of curiosity and discovery. During break time, the playground became a hub of joy and camaraderie. Students played games, shared laughter, and formed new friendships.

Our dedicated teaching staff worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition. I am grateful for the collective effort and cooperation demonstrated by our students, parents, and staff members. Our Vice chairman C H Fazal ,Trust Secretary P Abdussalam, Administrator Moosa Areekkan, Academic coordinator C H Khaleel , Asst Secretary Saleem graced the occasion with their presence. Together, we have set the foundation for a successful and fulfilling academic year.

May we continue to foster a nurturing and inspiring environment that empowers our students to shine brightly.


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