Alumni Corner

School alumni are an important part of any educational institution. They provide valuable guidance, support, and resources to current students, staff, and faculty. Alumni also make an invaluable contribution to their school's reputation by sharing achievements, experiences, and knowledge.

At Malabar Central school, alumni are invited to join our Alumni, which offers them a variety of ways to stay connected with the school and each other. Through the Alumni Association, alumni can take advantage of exclusive benefits, such as alumni-only networking events, and access to job postings.

We also have a platform for alumni named Malabar Old Students Association (MOSA) that provides a platform for alumni to stay in touch, network, and share their successes. It includes alumni directory, a blog for alumni to share their stories, a calendar of upcoming events, and information about school programs and initiatives.

We are proud of our alumni and the positive impact they have on our school. We invite alumni to stay engaged and connected with our school community.

Alumni Registration