Reading Week Inauguration

Malabar Central School is organising various events as a part of observing Reading Week, on 21st June MCS witnessed a great gathering and an intellectual interaction. Dr.K Baburajan, Associate Professor, School of Creative Writing, Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University, Tirur, was the chief guest. He delivered his talk on the theme ‘The Reading Revolution: How Books Inspire and Transform Lives’. The event was so interesting as he sang many songs, told stories and shared his wisdom on books and reading. In the interactive session, for all the questions raised by the students, Dr.Baburajan rendered quick answers.

The Gathering was held in the school auditorium at Language club in charge Ms.Sreenima delivered the welcome address. Vice Principal Mr.Abbas Kallingal presided the event whereas Assistant Secretary Mr.Saleem and Vice Principal Ms.Jaseera conveyed compliments. Malayalam teacher Ms.Shabna extended vote of thanks.

After the gathering, Dr.Baburajan interacted exclusively with the Malayalam language teachers answering their queries. He bade adieu to the campus after donating his three books to the school library.

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